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The treatment LUXO - sessions, dietetic guide LUXO
and follow-up - helps to change food behavior

profoundly and durably

and to reach the ideal weight,
by returning,

with a rate of 3 to 4 kilos per month,

to a Body Mass Index around 23-24.

LUXO sessions aims to:
  • decrease compulsive behaviors

  • (snacking, fatty or sugary foods ...)
  • recover satiety,

  • restore transit and reduce retentions.

A balance sheet and an objective

are defined at the beginning of treatment
which spreads out over several weeks or months,
according to the weight to be lost.

A session of 30 minutes a week

in the slimming phase,

then 3 sessions every 6 months

in the stabilization phase,
where some simple rules help to stabilize the weight.

At the end of treatment, the satisfaction is 95,6 %*.

*Study 2007 TEREO INTERNATIONAL, independent company specialized in the
clinical research. Sample of 291 subjects, which 93 % of women.
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