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Cures LUXO Modifier les comportements
Perte de poids Perte de poids
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Relaxation Relaxation
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Centre Luxo Paris

The treatment has for objectives :
  • relieve congestion

    in tissues,


    the complexion,
  • drain

    rings and bags under the eyes,
  • reactivate the natural production of collagen and

    to restore skin flexibility,
    firmness and tension


    reduce wrinkles


1 session a week

during 8 weeks

1 session every 2 months

in stabilization.

The treatment LUXO

has for objective to relax in depth and durably,
by releasing tensions, by improving the sleep and the mood.
It helps to step back from the daily reality
and to improve the capacity of organization and concentration.

1 session a week

during 7 weeks

3 sessions every 6 months

in stabilization.

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